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Types of Car Engines That Automotive Lovers Should Know

automotive.acfirdaus.com - Today's car seems to have become a necessity of modern society. With this four-wheeled vehicle, one can move from one place to another easily and easily. You can also visit the nearest automotive engine shop.

However, owning a car is not enough just to have money. Yes, car owners know how to maintain them, and it is worth understanding the engine of the vehicle. By knowing about the machine, it can be a plus. The following are the types of car engines that you must know.

Types of Car Engines to Know For Automotive Lovers

1.      Eksternal Combustion

This engine is an engine that utilizes heat from the rest of the combustion to convert air or other liquids into steam.

Then, the steam generated from the conversion will be channeled in the form of turbine rotary power. This engine was usually used by cars in ancient times, and is now used for railways.

2.      Internal Combustion

This combustion engine performs combustion in the engine cylinders. The method of utilizing the power produced by internal combustion is the same as external combustion, namely by using the high pressure temperature generated from combustion in the cylinder into power to drive the piston used to drive the wheels.

This type of engine requires fuel or gas such as gasoline or diesel fuel. The advantage of using an internal combustion engine is that the internal combustion engine is more friendly and efficient compared to external combustion.

Unlike the outer combustion which requires a large space, this internal combustion engine has a streamlined shape and does not take up space, so it is widely used by the latest cars that have small but high-speed engines.

Engine Stroke

Many often hear about two-stroke or four-stroke engined vehicles. These machines, are a type of machine that works based on a blow or blow (stroke).

A two-stroke engine, or it can also be called a two-stroke engine, is an engine that produces more torque, so usually a vehicle with a two-stroke engine has a fairly high pressure or arguably a faster kick than a four-stroke engine.

Meanwhile, the four-stroke engine is evidence of the development of machinery technology. This four-stroke engine has pistons that move up and down in the engine cylinders twice. This four-stroke engine car usually has superior engine speed and durability compared to two-stroke engines.

Car Components to Look Out for

1. Accu

Batteries are one of the most important components in a car. Batteries are the center of electricity in the car, especially when they are inactive. Why is the battery one of the most important components to pay attention to?

Of course, because without a battery, some parts of the car that require electricity will not turn on, such as lights. In fact, generally the initial power of the car on the dynamo requires electricity.

2. Cooling System

The cooling system is one of the other important parts that must be considered from the car. The cooling system on the car works to absorb heat in an already hard-working engine.

With this cooler, it can still work optimally regardless of distance. Pay attention to the radiator, as this part is usually prone to damage.

3. Transmission

The transmission works as a car's power transfer system on the propeller shaft. This part is a very important part that must be considered. The way to maintain it so that it is not damaged, is to change the oil regularly.

4. Suspension

The suspension is a part of the foot of the car whose existence is very important. Without suspension, you will complain a lot when driving a car, especially when facing uneven and pothole roads like roads in Indonesia in general.

5. Tires

This is the last most important component to pay attention to. Tires are the most important component, because without tires the car will not be able to run. Good tires will provide a smooth ride. 

Things to Look for After Buying a Car

Most car owners do not know much about what is inside the hood even how the car engine works and so on. In short, they felt that there was no need to understand, because they just took him to the workshop and asked the mechanic.

Thus, you do not need to be such an expert as a mechanic, especially for those who are new to owning a car. However, at least you need to know a few things to know when it's time for the car to be checked and serviced.

Read the manual

Manuals are usually given by automotive companies to consumers who have just purchased a car. In fact, the manual not only describes the components, but also there are some basic tips and guides.

Reading the manual is very important, because the manufacturer also provides knowledge about the most effective and best car maintenance.

Knowing the lights

Every car must have lights. It should be noted, the lights that are on are not only the headlights, turn signals, fog lights or taillights. On the other hand, there are several indicator lights on the instrument panel that can provide early warning if the car has a problem. To find out the function of the lamp, refer to the manual.

Diligently check car fluids

The liquid in the car is not only fuel oil, but there are also some other liquids such as engine oil, axle oil, brake oil, power steering oil, radiator water, wiper water, and battery water. All these liquids should be checked periodically, as they can run out and even potentially not leak.

Leaks in this liquid should not be taken lightly, because it can trigger damage to accidents. For leaks or not, you can look at the bottom of the car, whether there are droplets or look at the floor.

Pay attention to tire pressure

Tire pressure is also very important to pay attention to. Because the right wind pressure can support the vehicle's performance well.

On the other hand, if the tire is flat, there are likely to be some problems, such as damaging the rim or steering wheel so that it is difficult to move, heavy pulling, uneven tires, lumps appear, explosive, wasteful of fuel, becoming thirsty, and reducing braking performance. If the tire pressure decreases, then refill according to the instructions for use.

Check the car body

You must also be sensitive to the condition of the car. For example, after use examines the whole body, whether it finds bumps, stains, or scratches. So is the window glass.

Make sure the car body is well maintained

Caring for the car body is indispensable. But you don't always have to go to a car salon. On the other hand, you can do it at home by diligently cleaning and washing the car.

When cleaning the car, also wash the rims and their restrictions, as well as things that can cause stress to the car and there is no layer of mud covering the bottom of the car.

Understand engine sounds

It is natural that the owner of a new car does not know how to distinguish between the sound of a healthy engine and the sound of a broken engine. But over time, having become familiar with the sound of the car being driven, over time you will learn to recognize unusual sounds.

So, if you feel different, followed by something unpleasant in your car, then you can take it to the repair shop.

Ensure reliable mechanical service

When it's time for service, it's a good idea to maintain a good relationship with the mechanic so that you can also find out the problems in the car. Only when, make sure the work is very comfortable when spoken to and trusted.

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