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5 Best Top Loading Washing Machines

Here are the 5 best Top Loading Washing Machine Types - in our opinion. Not only because of the brand, but also because of the features embedded in the washing machine, so we think that the 5 types of top loading washing machines from these 5 brands deserve the title of the best top loading washing machine compared to other types.

This system quickly mixes detergents and helps water penetrate deep into the fabric. So dirt is removed more effectively.

Make sure your clothes smell good longer. The Deep Softener option maximizes the softening effect by optimizing the flushing algorithm. So the fragrance lasts longer with the same amount of softener. This reduces waste, because you do not need to exceed the normal dosage.

1. Samsung WA13T5260BV/SE Top Loading Washing Machine

Enjoy greater energy efficiency, quiet and long-lasting performance. It's all because this washing machine has implemented Digital Inverter Technology.

Digital Inverter Technology uses a planetary gear system to secretly strengthen the motor power by 5 times, so that the energy consumption is 40% less than that of Universal Motor.

  • Washing Capacity 13.0 kg
  • Black Caviar body color
  • Ebony Black door color
  • Intensive Washing
  • Pulsator Shake
  • Child Lock
  • Net weight 43 kg
  • Eco Tub clear

Pulsator Shake

Pulsator Shake is
Wobble technology provides gentle fabric care. Its Wobble pulsator produces a dynamic multi-directional wash flow that prevents clothes from tangling, and getting wrapped around each other. This system can cause a stab in the laundry whether it becomes stretched or even torn. It can also clean your clothes gently and thoroughly with its strong washing power.

Magic Dispenser feature, this feature creates a powerful whirlpool so that it can dissolve liquid detergents and powders and spread them evenly before the washing cycle begins. With this feature, it can keep the detergent box clean and minimize the risk of residue being left on your clothes.

Magic Filter

The Magic Filter collects dirt in the form of fibers, feathers, and particles that come out of your laundry, so that when you finish washing the clothes are completely clean from the dirt. The filter on this washing machine is also very easy to clean, so you can make it work optimally.

Intensive Washing

The Intensive Washing System can be used in any way to remove stubborn stains, such as blood, tea, ice cream stains, or makeup stains attached to

Smart Chek

Smart Check is an automated error monitoring system that you can use anytime, anywhere with a smartphone App. The system is able to detect and diagnose problems and provide solutions to problems quickly.

Closing Door closes the tube silently, due to the silencer that automatically slows down the movement when the door is closed. There is tempered glass on the door of the washing machine so that it allows you to see the laundry without opening the lid.

Eco Clean Tub

Keep your top load washer fresh and hygienically clean, while being environmentally friendly and saving money. The Eco Tub Clean course removes dirt that can accumulate inside the drum and around the door gasket without harsh or expensive detergents. And it will even notify you automatically when it needs to be cleaned

Diamond Drum

Diamond Drum's unique "soft curls" design can wash clothes very effectively, as well as minimize the onset of damage to clothes. There is a small water outlet between the pulsator and its function tube is to prevent the cloth from being trapped in the interlude.

2. LG Top Loading TurboWash 3D Washing Machine TH2722DSAK

WaveForce and JetSpray provide strong jets of water to improve washing and rinsing. Collaborating with the latest TurboDrum™ that rotates in the opposite direction, TurboWash3D washes clothes from all directions for total clean laundry results.

The flow of high-pressure water from the outpouring of water and jetspray jets further strengthens the washing in the washing tube. Twisting the laundry in the water firmly

The pulsator and tube rotate in opposite directions, creating powerful water waves for optimal washing with a chequered effect.

After washing with powerful WaveForce technology and rinsing with JetSpray, the laundry will be clean in less than 40 minutes! TurboWash3D removes the weight of washing activities and gives you a lot of free time.

Select 16kg with 'Turbo Shot' at the 4th water level to complete the wash in 39 minutes (if Turbo Shot is not selected, wash it to 58 minutes) / Select 22kg, with 'Turbo Shot' at the 3rd water level to complete the wash in: 39 minutes (if Turbo Shot is not selected, the wash becomes 66 minutes).

The TurboWash feature also produces saving electricity and water without compromising washing performance. So that electricity bills or consumption do not swell.

Choose a washing program, and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology will drive the wash tube in several directions, cleaning the fabric and making the clothes super clean.

Equipped with washing tubes and filters made of stainless steel that is contamination resistant. This steel is commonly used for cooking utensils and surgical tools of the highest quality.

Auto Pre-wash is the best way to remove stains. With just one touch, stubborn stains will disappear without needing to be checked.

Inverter Direct Drive Motor system
The one in this washing machine has toughness as well as no noise. Even LG dares to provide a 10-year warranty for the drive motor and its parts. It proves that the quality of the LG top loding washing machine type TH2722DSAK is not canned

ThinQ technology allows you to operate and monitor washes anytime and anywhere. You can track your electricity consumption or use the Download Cycle to add a variety of new washing types.

Premium black finishes make it look even more elegant 
and luxury.

Feature :
  • Capacity 22Kg
  • Black Steel Color
  • SmartThinQ
  • Dimensions 1023 x 690 x 730 mm
  • Turbowash 3D
  • 6Motion DD
  • Full Stainless Tub
  • Stainless Filter
  • Auto Tub Clean
  • Soft Closing & Wide Diamond Glass Door
  • Black Touch LED Display
  • TurboWash3D
  • Fast & Powerful 3D Wash

3. Sharp Top Loading Washing Machine ES-M1209T-SA

This top loading washing machine has a capacity of 12kg. This washing machine has also used technology without hygienic laundry cleaner holes so that it can produce cleaner and hygienic wear.
The washing machine tub technology without holes is able to control kotoron entering the inner tub.

Its innovative design combines with 'dolphin and whale' technology. The washing machine surfaces and covers are inspired by the texture of dolphin and whale skin which is able to reduce friction to produce cleaner washing performance.

Being able to soak laundry for up to 24 hours you just have to set the time as needed.

Place the detergent that can be removed and installed so that it can be cleaned easily. The capacity of the softener or deodorizer is large so you don't have to pour it directly into the tube.

Main Features :
  • Capacity 12 kg
  • Anti Mold
  • Eco Shower Rinse
  • Zero Pressure Technology
  • True One Piece Tempered Glass
  • Long Time Soaking
  • Softener Fragrance
  • WScrew Pulsator
  • Sharp Indonesia Official Warranty 1 Year spare parts and 5 years motor dynamo

4. Panasonic Top Loading Washing Machine NA-FD16V1BSG

This Panasonic Washing Machine is able to accommodate a capacity of up to 16kg. This is a top loading washing machine with the largest capacity among other Panasonic washing machines.

In addition to the large capacity, the Panasonic NA-FD16V1BSG type washing machine is also equipped with modern and advanced features. Futuristic design combined with black makes the appearance even more elegen.

What are the features found in the Panasonic NA-FD16V1BSG washing license.

A. Strong Water Flow To Remove Stains

No need to worry anymore about stains on your child's clothes, the washing performance has been increased by up to 14%. Stubborn stains can be easily lifted with the Water Bazooka, which is powered by a TD Inverter.

B. Cleaner Washing Results

This is due to the Watet Bazooka feature where the strong water flow from the Water Bazooka feature penetrates into the fabric fibers, effectively removing stains and detergent residue. Ensure clean fabric fibers during washing and rinsing.

C. Low Energy Consumption

By optimally generating the power required at each cycle, the Panasonic TD Inverter can deliver 6x more powerful washes and rinses without using excess energy and can save up to 40%.

TD Inverter with 6x the transmission speed of the gears produces a wide range of power and optimal rotational speed at each cycle.

D. Hygienic Tube 

With the automatic cleaning of the washing tube, the cleanliness of the tube can be maintained.

E. Removal of Stubborn Stains & Bacteria

It easily saves time before washing, any and from any type of stain. StainMaster+ removes stains and removes bacteria hidden in fabric fibers at ideal water temperatures with a rubbing effect.

F. Active Foam

The ActiveFoam system produces a dense foam that penetrates into the deepest fabric fibers to remove stains and ensure cleaner results.

G. Wider Tube Door/ Opening

The wide opening makes it easy to insert and remove clothes even with a large load.

H. Easy to Reach

The front of the washer is lower so it is easy to reach the bottom of the tube and remove the laundry, even if you are not high.

I. Easy to Operate

The control panel is located at the back so that the buttons can be read and operated easily without having to look down.

J. Minimalist Design

With a minimalist design, the cutting does not take up much space.

Powered by TD Inverter, Active Wave Pulsator with 8 wings produces a strong vertical water flow for washing with a rubbing effect. Clothes constantly with a rubbing effect, effectively remove stubborn stains.

5. POLYTRON PAW 1028Y Top Loading Washing Machine

Washing Machine 1 Tube Zeromatic Laguna series Hijab 10 KG – PAW 1028Y

  • Top Loading
  • Capacity: 10 kg
  • Hijab Fashion
  • Zeropressure Technology
  • Easy to Operate
  • Aroma Boost & Turbo Mix
  • Multi Program Washing
  • 5 Year Warranty

The best all-round washing machine with various fashions of various types of clothing materials and complete that can meet the washing needs of Indonesian smart mothers. Any Clothes, Polytron washing machine the solution

Aroma Boost & Turbo Mix

This washing machine is equipped with complete features that can ensure the mixing of detergent powder and liquid is perfectly mixed with water. And the Zeromatic Laguna washing machine can manage the production of the softener efficiently only in the flushing process. Resulting in a much cleaner, fragrant and creamy laundry like wearing perfume.

Multi Program Washing

Zero Matic Laguna washing machine can wash various kinds, materials ranging from jeans, hijab, and other soft materials so it is easier with the Multi Washing Program feature. With Polytron's best washing machine, clean laundry of any material becomes more durable.

Easy To Operate

Confused about choosing a washing program? No need to worry anymore, because with just 1 button, the Polytron automatic washing machine can work directly in one touch. Just press the start button sorted out.

Okay, those were the 5 brands and types of top loading recommended washing machines in our opinion. For more complete specifications and descriptions you can visit the websait of each of these products.

That's all from us, hopefully this review can help you when you want to buy a washing machine.

Hope this Article is useful and thank you.

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