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5 Types of Water Pumps For Households

5 Types of Water Pumps For Households - A water pump is one of the vital tools in a house / building, where a water pump is a tool to distribute water from the source to places that need water.

ACFIRDAUS.com - However, sometimes the water pump is not able to function optimally as it should because it is "wrong" in choosing the specifications of the water pump used.

There are many types of water pumps on the market based on their use. For the function may be the same, that is, both to suck water.

But the difference is in the capacity and what the water pump is used for. Some are used to suck water from the well, and also those for pusher pumps to make the water pressure faster.

Therefore, what users need to understand when buying a water pump will be used for, and what is the estimated suction power capacity needed

In principle, water pumps generally work by transferring a certain amount of water volume through the suction chamber to the outlet room by utilizing an impeller. Thus the entire air chamber will be filled with water and create fluid pressure to be drawn through the bottom of the water source to the destination location.

The working principle of the water pump is to suck water and then push the water to the place where the water will flow. The ability of power or suction power is influenced by the distance of the water source which is usually expressed in the language of the "depth of the well" of the water source / well and is also influenced by the amount of power generated from the water pump, then also the thrust of the water to the place to be watered, which can be greatly influenced also by the distance of the "height of the water reservoir" of the water tank tower.

Therefore, the selection of the right water pump also needs to be supported by a good and correct piping circuit system and the use of qualified pipe size dimensions in accordance with the rules recommended by each water pump.

Furthermore, if you use the help of a water reservoir, the distribution of water into each living room uses the principle of the earth's gravitational power, or it can also be added with a booster pump (pusher pump).

The purpose of installing a plunger pump is to strengthen and accelerate the flow of water. Usually the installation of a water pump is related to other electronic equipment that requires a strong flow of water, for example a Water Heater, and a washing machine.

The various water pumps available in the market are produced based on considerations of the depth of water sources / wells and also other water sources such as ground water tanks, and consideration of the distance of height to the water reservoir tower (water tank) and the discharge of water produced in every minute. 

Kinds of Water Pumps

1. Shallow Pump

Shallow Pump is a water pump that is for shallow wells with a distance into the well water 9 meters to the ground level, and the depth of the well water is calculated from the time of the dry season.

This water pump has a thrust up to a height of 7 meters calculated from the position where the water pump is located. It is usually written for suction/suction power in terms (suction head) while thrust is expressed with (discharge head), while the total length from the deepest point of the well up to the height reached is expressed by total head (suction head + discharge head). Then the total shallow pump head is 17 meters.

How a Shallow Well Pump Works

In its working principle, the water pump is the same, which is to flow rotation from the electric motor (dynamo) to the impeller. However, each type of water pump has a different impeller.

For example, the shallow well pump that we most often see has a smaller and more compact impeller, and that is its own advantage of shallow well water pumps

2. Semi Jet Pump 

This Semi Jet Pump or semi jet pump is suitable for deep wells with a depth of 11 meters and a height of 9 meters.

In order for the maximum power produced to be achieved, what needs to be considered is the installation system of the piping installation, among others; Do not let there be leaks in the joints that result in power being "exposed", avoid many turns and use the size of the pipe diameter holes according to the instructions listed on the pump engine.

For example, the inlet is a 1'5 diameter suction pipe (read one and a half dim) while the outlet of the push pipe to the water reservoir tower diameter 1′ (read one dim). And each water pump product has been confirmed to install this information on the body of the machine.

3. Jet Pump 

Almost the same as a semi-jet pump, what distinguishes the two is the depth and maximum height of the pump in sucking and pushing water from underground to the top (water reservoir).

This type of water pump is usually used for wells with a maximum depth of 20 meters and a height for an effective thrust of 9 meters.

When you want to use or install a Jet Pump pump, you must calculate the depth during the dry season, for example you have a well with the deepest digging point of 22 meters and the water level during the dry season is 18 meters and during the rainy season the well water level is 14 meters to the ground level, then the depth point of your well is 18 meters instead of 22 meters and the suitable water pump machine is a "Jet pump".

The way jet pump and semi jet engines work is different from shallow water well pump engine pumps (see picture above).

The water sucked by the semi-jet water pump or jet pump goes through the middle area of the impeller and will be ejected to various sides of the impeller which then produces a rotation of water which later the water rotation will be pushed out through the pipe point out.

The advantage of this type of water pump is that with less power it can produce greater suction and thrust, although the head of the water pump becomes larger and heavier

4. Submersible Deep Well Pump 

Submersibel or commonly called sible is a special water pump to go deeper than 20 meters or the category of very, very deep wells. For this water pump installation system, it is usually assisted by a temporary water transit place on the ground called the ground water tank, so that the work of the pump machine is very optimal.

After the water reaches the ground tank source, then distribution to the water tower above the building can use a smaller water pump.

5. Booster Pump

Booster Pump is a tool that is also still in the term water pump but its use is only limited to pushing, it does not have suction capacity like other water pumps.

Booster pumps can be used to help encourage the distribution of tower water tanks into distribution to each place, so the flowing water does not only rely on the earth's gravity system. Installing a water pipe that uses the help of a booster pump pusher engine, the result is that the water will be strong in bursts.

Well, those were the kinds of water pumps that are often used in households. There are still many other types of water pumps, we will discuss in the next article.

Thank you very much for listening to our discussion about the kinds of water pumps, hopefully it will be useful for you.

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