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How to Adjust the Temperature of the Air Conditioner to Sleep Better and Save Electricity

How to Adjust the Temperature of the Air Conditioner to Sleep Better and Save Electricity - Sleep is one way to restore the body and mind from fatigue and stress due to work and draining activities

ACFIRDAUS.com - Therefore, a jerky night's sleep is very important to us. To get quality sleep, a comfortable state is required. One of them is to maintain the air temperature in the bedroom.

One of the purposes of installing air conditioning is of course to prevent the room from feeling hot, because if the room is hot, of course, it makes it uncomfortable to sleep even if it is not good.

But have you ever felt sore, body stiff when you wake up, in an air-conditioned room?
If you have experienced this, it is likely that it happened because of an error in setting the air temperature on the AC remote while sleeping.

Too cold air can cause muscles to feel stiff and body aches and dryness. For this reason, the temperature setting of the air conditioner must also be adjusted so that it is not too cold.

According to the results of a study released by the National Institutes of Health, the temperature of the room where you sleep becomes one of the most important factors in achieving the best quality of sleep.

During sleep, the internal temperature of the body undergoes changes for 24 hours. The body will begin to release its hot temperature near bedtime.

Then the body temperature slowly drops to cool when it enters the time around 5 o'clock in the morning.

Then how to set a good air conditioning temperature so that the bedroom remains comfortable and saves electricity, here are our tips.

Make Sure The Entire Room Is Tightly Closed

The first way friends can do before going to bed is to make sure the whole room is tightly closed.

This works so that the air conditioner does not work too hard to cool the room because there are some parts that are not tightly closed, a room that is not tightly closed can cause hot air from outside to enter the room.

In addition to affecting the performance of the AC engine, closing the room tightly will also speed up the process of cooling the room.

When the room is cold in accordance with the AC settings, the AC machine automatically stops working, so that electricity consumption can also be more efficient.

Setting the temperature gradually

You need to avoid setting the temperature too low at the first time you turn on the air conditioner. Set the starting temperature at 26 or 28°C.  If your body has adapted and still feels less cold, lower the temperature setting to suit your comfort.

Raising the Temperature Before You Fall Asleep

During sleep, your body temperature will drop. This is why you are prone to feeling cold when you fall asleep even though you have set a comfortable temperature before going to bed. To combat it, raise the temperature by about 2-3 degrees before you fall into a deep sleep.

Use Standard Temperature

The hot air makes people feel impatient. Most of them will directly turn on the air conditioner and set at a low temperature with the aim that the air conditioner will immediately cool the room.

This assumption and method is actually not entirely correct. Although some brands and types of air conditioners have been given features to speed up the air cooling process, after all, the air conditioner still takes a while before it reaches the cold temperature that has been set.

Especially if your room was previously open, hot air must have entered the room so that the air cooling process in the bedroom takes longer.

It is impossible for the air conditioner to immediately make the indoor air cold as soon as the air conditioner is turned on. First of all, the cold air from the air conditioner will be absorbed by objects in the room, when the objects are cold, the cold temperature in the room will be reached.

The temperature setting on the AC remote aims to set the cold point expected by the user. Then slowly the air conditioner will release cold air until the set temperature is reached. So, you should set the temperature of the air conditioner to a reasonable degree of cold at the beginning of the air conditioner starting.

For example, by using auto mode, in this mode the room temperature will reach between 23 - 24 °c.  This mode is very suitable to be applied at night, where the weather or outside air is not too hot.

Enabling Timer Mode

If you feel that the standard temperature is still not cold, you can use the lowest temperature at 18° or there are also several brands of air conditioners that can be adjusted up to 16°.

But don't forget to turn on the timer on the air conditioner, or so that the air conditioner turns off automatically around 3 or 4 am.

This serves to keep the room temperature not too cold, especially when at 3 or 4 o'clock the air temperature outside the house is already cold. Because as we have already said, if the room temperature is too cold, it will interfere with the comfort of your sleep.

In addition to functioning to prevent the room temperature from being too low with this setting you have saved electricity and the performance of the air conditioner is also not too heavy.

Enabling Auto Swing Mode

The use of swing mode is actually to support the cooling function of the air conditioner more quickly. Without the use of swings, the cooling of the air conditioner may be slower.

The swing mode will adjust the cold air output of the AC by moving the grid on the air conditioner. The swing arrangement will make the cold air more evenly distributed to all parts of the room.

In addition to making the cold more evenly distributed, the swing movement can also prevent air blowing from the AC fan from hitting the body directly.

Blowing air conditioning that hits the body directly does make the body feel cold faster, but if this happens for a long time the body will feel stiff and sore. In addition, it can also make the skin dry and can be the cause of irritation on the skin.

Adjusting the Fan Rotation

The air is still not cool enough? The user can enable fan mode at the required level. Remember to set the fan mode as needed, also try to keep the AC fan wind from directly hitting the body. So, users still feel comfortable and not disturbed by fan blowing mixed with cold air from the air conditioner.

Active fan mode will help to even out the cold air from the air conditioner to all parts of the room. This is because at the beginning of cooling the air conditioner will make the walls and floor part cool first.

Then a new cold will be felt by the user. The use of fan mode will speed up the cooling process around the room so that cold air can be felt immediately by the user.

You can set the fan at the tightest revs when you start the air conditioner, to reach the temperature you want. After the room feels cold enough lower the fan speed choose a speed with a midel or medium level.

Its function is so that the air conditioning gust wind does not directly hit the body. A fan at medium speed also reduces the sound produced from the rotation of the AC fan.

Those are some tips from us on how to adjust the temperature on the air conditioner so that it remains comfortable for the body when sleeping, in addition to making comfortable the tips above are also useful in reducing electricity consumption.

Hopefully, the tips from us can be useful for you.