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Advantages of Multi AC That You Must Know

Advantages of Multi AC That You Must Know - AC has become one of the important electronic devices that must be at home, especially for people living in tropical countries such as Indonesia, because the air temperature tends to be warm and even hot all the time.

ACFIRDAUS.com - With the presence of this air conditioner, it will certainly provide extra comfort when working or resting, because the air temperature remains cool. There are many choices of air conditioners on the market, including when viewed from the type, some are converters, standard or split.

Inverter AC technology is certainly the right choice to save expenses. Moreover, inverter air conditioners are proven to be more efficient than standard air conditioners.

However, you should also think about where to put such AC devices. Because, not infrequently today's residences tend to be minimalist and provide limited outdoor space.

To overcome the problem is in the form of multi air conditioning, which has two to three indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.

Regular Split AC can only be 1: 1, so 1 indoor connect with 1 outdoor as well, this can be a problem for a house that has a lot of outdoors. For example, 3 air conditioners means that there must also be 3 outdoor that take up space.

Especially for apartments whose outdoor space tends to be limited, besides not being able to fit, it will also be less attractive in appearance.

Not all electronics stores can sell Multi Split AC products, because in addition to needing good product knowledge, there are also some brand principals who are selective in choosing special dealers. Usually those who sell are electronics stores that specialize in air conditioning.

Using Multi AC in cost is much cheaper, than buying ac individually. In addition, the use is more economical because it has inverter technology.

For the selection of combinations can be based on the needs of your room, can be combined starting from 1/2 PK - 2 PK for the indoor, you can choose the combination yourself using the Multi Split Custom assistance tool

The advantages of this environmentally friendly air conditioner are increasingly loved by people who pay attention to the use of space for residential comfort.

The reason is, the use of air conditioners with a capacity that is not comparable to the area of the room, will only cause waste that disturbs the environment.

Multi AC is a type of air conditioner that only uses one compressor to be stored outdoors. Its use will save more space, especially for those of you who use more than 2 air conditioners at home.
To make you more confident to buy a Multi type air conditioner, we will reveal some of the existing ones.
Here are some advantages of Multi AC that you must know. 

Advantages of Multi AC That You Must Know.

Compared to using only one AC (1 outdoor and 1 indoor), of course, the cooling speed of the room is longer when compared to the Multi Split AC method. In this way, the cooling of the roomwill be twice as fast.

Moreover, the air conditioner is now equipped with an inverter which also helps the process of cooling the room to be much faster. In addition, the Multi Split Air Conditioner working system can also withstand shock loads of up to 440 volts. This ensures that this type of air conditioner is strong and durable.

How to Choose a Good Multi AC

In choosing a Multi AC, it actually needs a lot of consideration to be done. Because a good air conditioner is not necessarily suitable. Because basically air conditioning is a necessity, it must be adjusted to existing conditions. For more details, here's how to choose a good air conditioner.

Choose the Right Type of Multi AC

AC has many types, ranging from tandar type, low wattage, to inverter. Basically their working system is the same, only the low power type and the compressor performance are smaller so it is more efficient.

For home air conditioners, you should choose air conditioners with low wattage because usually the electrical capacity of the house only has a small or standard power. So when looking for an air conditioner, prioritize looking for a low watt feature so that it helps you save electricity in the future.

Pay attention to the features of the air conditioner offered

Each type and brand of air conditioner certainly has its own privileges offered. Starting from auto mode, low power, or settings from the smartphone. Well, before making a choice, it's a good idea to consider what kind of air conditioner you need.

For example, you are a forgetful person so you often forget to turn off the air conditioner, then it's a good idea to look for an air conditioner that offers an automatic mode feature. So it can be set how long to cool the room and whether it will turn off automatically.

Buy HVAC With Trusted Brands

Tips for choosing a good air conditioner is to buy a trusted brand of air conditioner. So that the quality is guaranteed from the moment of purchase. Indeed, usually for air conditioners with well-known brands and have good quality, the price will be more expensive.

But this shouldn't be a problem if it's more durable, and cools quickly for a residential home. By buying a trusted branded air conditioner, you will also get a warranty when the air conditioner has a problem.
However, this does not mean that even good goods do not escape from light or heavy damage.

One of the well-known and trusted ac brands is Daikin. Daikin provides multi split air conditioner with 1 outdoor connection for 2 indoor units, 1 outdoor for 3 indoor units.
Choosing Daikin 3 Connection Multi Split AC is slightly different, because the system needs to be custom as needed between indoor and outdoor. Simply put, you first determine your needs for these 3 rooms each how many PK. Only later out the count needs to use outdoor type 2 PK or 3 PK.

Air conditioners with well-known brands will also not last, if periodic maintenance is not carried out. Service or maintenance can maintain the consistency of machine work so that the machine can work optimally.

Back to the original discussion.

If you are quite hesitant in choosing an air conditioner brand because you are worried that a certain brand will be prone to damage or feel that one brand may be less cold than other brands.

Maybe you can first read our article about the best Multi AC products today. So that later you can be more objective in choosing a good AC brand according to your needs.

HVAC size

Adjust the size of the air conditioner to your room or room. A good air conditioner is one that suits the area of the room, because then the air conditioner will work more and optimally.

You can also make the most of it. Choosing the wrong PK size means that there are two possibilities, the room will feel less cold or the temperature will be even hotter.

To determine how much air conditioning is needed for the room to be installed with air conditioning, we will share a simple formula for you.

The room size formula is as follows: 

Room length (m) x room width (m) x room height / 3 (m) x 500.

From these calculations will be generated a number called the British thermal unit (BTU).

This BTU is used as the basis for determining PK on air conditioners.

Here's the formula:

  • 5000 BTU/h the required PK size is 1/2 PK
  • 7000 BTU/h the required PK size is 3/4 PK
  • 9000 BTU/h the required PK size is 1 PK
  • 12000 BTU/h the required PK size is 1 1/2 PK
  • 18000 BTU/h the required PK size is 2 PK

Important Information About AC Multi S Daikin

Both 2 connections and 3 connections are the same using only 1 outdoor. For that, only 1 outdoor bracket is needed. For the 2MKC30QVM4 type, and MKC50RVM4 can use small size brackets commonly used for AC 0.5 - 1 PK.

While specifically for outdoor with the MKC70RVM4 type, you must use a larger size bracket that is commonly used for AC 1.5 - 2.5 PK because the outdoor dimensions are wider and thicker inwards.

The inverter compressors for the Daikin Multi S type are all still made originally from a Thai factory, so the quality is guaranteed and very efficient to save electricity consumption.

If you are interested in buying this air conditioner, please inform your indoor air conditioning needs how many PK and we will help calculate for the total cost and installation.

Thus the review of, The advantages of Multi AC That You Must Know. Hope it is useful.