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Components on Water Pump Machine

Components on Water Pump Machine - As we all know, in general a water pump is a device to move or drain water from one place to another. If in the past to move water still used manual tools over time, now, slowly the senior water pump has been abandoned, even in big cities the use of manual pumps is no longer used.

Now in general, they have used electric pumps, or machines ranging from Shallow Well Pump Machines, or Deep Life Pump Machines.

In the previous article we have written several types of water pump machines for households ranging from shallow well water pump machines, semi jet water pumps, jet water pump engines, submersible and Booster Pumps.

On this occasion we will write down the components contained in the water pump machine, both the main components of the supporting components, as well as the functions of these components.

By knowing and understanding the function of each component, it will help you in analyzing damage to your water pump machine. So if the damage is in the mild category you can handle it yourself.

So you don't need to rush to call a technician to make repairs, of course, this will reduce or save expenses.

ACFIRDAUS.com - Before we get into discussing the components of a water pump machine, it's a good idea to first get to know the types of water pumps first. As follows ;

1. Rotary Water Pump

This type of pump uses a rotary system that has an impeller that can rotate to cause a force of attraction, then the water that is transferred will be able to continuously draw water coming from the bottom of the well, to then flow to the outlet pipe of the pump, this type of pump is widely used in pumps for household needs, it can be said that almost all small pumps use this system.

2. Centrifugal Water Pump

The second type of water pump is a water pump that uses a centrifugal system this water pump is usually used for marine equipment or marine vessels to be able to discharge water from the dock quickly, this one pump works at high speed, so that the volume of water moving by twisting can be thrown out through the water outlet.

Those are 2 types of water pump machines that are commonly used. So let's continue about the Components on the water pump machine.

Water Pump Machine Components and Their Functions:

1. Power Cable Water pump components

The cable on the water pump mission serves to channel the electricity of the house with a water pump machine.

2. Water Pump Machine Body

The body of the pump machine serves to protect the machine for the inside of the water pump so that it is not exposed to direct touch from the outside such as sunlight, water or dirt that can damage the inside of the water pump machine

3. Water Valve Pump Components

The function of the valve is to be able to separate the water pump and its suction, then there will be a difference between the water separator and the pressure, the position of the valve is in the compression chamber and the end of the pipe, it aims to make the water pump room always filled with water, and can prevent air entering the room, besides that it can also control the pressure of the water pump,  In order to avoid the risk of engine damage, this one component will be directly connected to the circuit breaker switch, so that the pump output becomes increased in pressure, then automatically the Valve will be pushed directly to the top, then it can cut off the electricity.

4. Outdoor Fan Water Pump Components (Coolers)

The function of the fan on the outside of the water pump machine is to maintain the temperature of the dynamo engine so that it is satabil and not over heated.
Because if the dynamo is too hot, it can cause the spool or winding of the dynamo to burn or short.

5. Water Pump Automatic Water Pump Components

Automatic water pump machine is a series of switches that work automatically driven by water pressure. This automatic switch will cut off electricity when the water faucet is closed (when the water pressure increases) and will be reconnected when the water faucet is opened (when the water pressure decreases).

6. Capacitors 

A capacitor is a useful component for storing temporary power, and helps with the initial start when the Dynamo is first running. Simply put, a capacitor is an amplifier or starting for a dynamo.

Damage to the capacitor can cause the engine to shut down (not rotating), the engine rotation is weak or the engine just buzzes because it is not strong for the strart.

7. Main Winding

The winding or coils on the water machine are made of copper wire. The size and amount of liquid wire follows the type of water pumping machine. The larger the water pump the number of windings and wire coils will usually be more and larger. The winding has a large diameter with a smaller amount when compared to the diameter of the auxiliary winding.

7. Auxiliary Winding 

The function of the auxiliary winding is for the knitting current and as a pusher for the electric motor of the water pump so that it rotates, it can reach a stable speed point and then it will be disconnected through the capacitor.

9. Rotor

The rotor serves for magnetic forces that can push and rotate the impeller part.

10. Bearing/Laher

The bearing serves to balance the rotor so that the rotation of the rotor can be maximized and stable.

11. Output 

The output serves to be able to remove water that has been sucked by the impeller to the water reservoir.

12. Input

This input part is where water enters the impeller.

13. Tube

The function of the water pump tube is to provide back pressure into the waterpump chamber so that the pressure switch process runs smoother.

This water pump tube is located differently, depending on the brand and tip of the water pump machine, some are located under the machine (dynamo), some are located above the machine (dynamo).

14. Impeller

The impeller is a part that can pull and push the flow of water, usually this part has a pusher serration.

15. Shaft (As)

The shaft is the connecting part between the rotor and the impeller part that can help the rotor rotate to be able to flow into the impeller.

Those are the constituent components of the water pump machine. The advantage of knowing the components of a water pump machine is that you can analyze damage or problems with the water pump machine.

For example, when the sound of the water pump engine sounds rough or noisy, there is a high probability of damage to the bearing (klaker), the rare thing to do is to turn off the engine and immediately repair it by replacing the bearing (klaker), because if it is not replaced immediately, it can trigger other damage.

Of these components, if you experience damage, you can repair it yourself. For example, damage that occurs to capacitors, you just need to buy a replacement capacitor according to size and then hold it.

Capacitor replacement you can do yourself because it doesn't require much equipment. It is enough to provide a screwdriver, pliers, and insulation to connect the cable.

It is different if the damage occurs to the Laher (bearing), or to the winding (dynamo) which requires more equipment and expertise in the field.

Characteristics of damage to capacitors:

  • Broken Capacitors
  • Capacitors discharge liquid
  • Scalding capacitors
  • Weak capacitors ( to find out must be checked using a multi tester)

Impact of capacitor damage

As explained above, capacitors function to help start the dynamo motor of the water pump engine. At the initial start of the dynamo requires a large electric current, the task of the capacitor is to accommodate the electric current, then enlarged and then delivered to the dynamo motor for the initial strart.

So if the capacitor is damaged, the water pump machine will not work or die, but if the capacitor is weak, usually the engine will buzz (not strong star), or slow engine rotation (weak).

That's the artkiel about the components of the Water Pump Machine that we can describe. Hope it is useful.

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