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Daikin Ac Error Codes

How To Check Daikin Ac Error Code With Remote - Hello, FTM friends, in this article we will discuss the damage and error codes as a clue where the damage that occurs to the Daikin Inverter AC is located.

ACFIRDAUS.com - Like other electronic devices, sometimes the air conditioner also experiences damage or errors.

Over time and duration of use, damage to the AC Unit is a natural thing, especially if the use is not accompanied by regular periodic routine service, of course it will further shorten the life of the air conditioner, both on supporting components and on the main electronic components, such as the PCB module, or sensor sensors on the AC Unit.

Well, for this time we from the FTM team will share tips, or how to detect damage / errors in Daikin Air Conditioners, even you can also repair the damage yourself if it is in the category of minor damage.

The Daikin AC error code will appear if there is an error or damage to the air conditioner. The function of the error code itself is to help technicians make it easier to determine the source of the problem contained in the air conditioner.

In addition to making it easier to find the source of damage the error code can also serve to prevent errors in determining the source of damage to the air conditioner.

The error codes of AC Daikin are not only one or two, but quite a lot, so knowing the meaning of the error code is quite important.

In the previous discussion or article, we have written down the function of the Daikin AC remote which in addition to setting and activating the features on the air conditioner, can also be used as a tool to check / detect damage to the Daikin air conditioner.

The remote will make a "biip" or 'tiitt' sound when it finds a damaged part, then on the remote screen it will show an error code. After that you can find out where the damage occurred by reading the error code that we will write below later.

To detect damage or find out the Daikin AC error code using a remote you can follow the steps as follows.

  1. Turn on the Daikin AC unit by pressing the ON/OFF button on the remote and wait for the system to fully work.
  2. To start searching for Daikin AC damage using the remote, press and hold the CANCEL button for 5 seconds until the temperature display flashes. After the remote screen displays the number "00" on the flashing temperature display, then we have entered the damage search mode.
  3. Press the CANCEL button again repeatedly but not too quickly. If when the CANCEL button is pressed and a long beep sound is heard, then damage to the Daikin AC unit is detected.
  4. Pay attention to the code on the remote screen viewer/display when a long beep sound is heard and match it with the code below.

The following is a list of error codes on Daikin AC:

  • AO: error in external protective device
  • A1: damage to PCB E program
  • A3: the level in the drain system is not appropriate or there is a malfunction of the water disposal system
  • A5 : Problems with the high pressure regulator in heating or in the freezing protector
  • A6: fan motor on blower/indoor overload
  • A7: the swing motor is damaged or stuck
  • A9: damage to EXF
  • AF: level on drain above limit
  • AH: damage to air filter maintenance
  • AJ: damage to capacity settings
  • C4: damage to the thermistor heat exchange
  • C5: error in gas pipe thermistor
  • C9: error on thesmistor air inlet
  • CJ: damage to the thermostat
  • E1: HP on
  • E4: LP on
  • E6: compressor in locked state
  • J2: current sensor error
  • J3: damage to the discharge pipe thermistor
  • J5: damage to the suction pipe thermistor
  • J6: damage to the heat excharger pipe thermistor
  • J7: damage to the thermistor header
  • J8: damage to the equalizer oil pipe thermistor
  • J9: damage to the gas receiver pipe thermistor
  • JA: damage to the discharger pipe pressure sensor
  • JC: damage to the suction pipe sensor
  • L0: damage to the inverter system
  • L4: there is a rise in fan temperature
  • L5: congestion on the inverter compressor motor
  • L6: congestion on the compressor motor coil
  • L8: instability occurs in the inverter current
  • L9: problems at inverter startup
  • LA: damage to the power
  • LC: problems in inverter and PCB transmission
  • P1: protection on inverter over ripple
  • P4: sensor radiation temperature rise
  • UO: refrigerant or Freon is reduced, the lack of Freon can occur due to leakage in the installation (AC pipe) or also in the AC unit, both in indoor and outdoor units.
  • UA: This code will appear if there are too many indoor units connected or if there is a combination error between indoor and outdoor units
  • UI: open phase
  • U2: power supply suddenly decreases
  • U3: timing of periodic cleaning or service
  • U4: A problem occurred in the transmission between indoor and outdoor air conditioning
  • U5: interference with indoor transmission with remote
  • U6: Indicates that there is damage to the PCB control settings for the remote control
  • U7: transmission damage or interference occurs in the outdoor unit
  • U8: transmission between RC master and slave is interrupted
  • U9: indoor and outdoor transmissions in the same system are damaged
That's a list of Daikin AC error codes. By knowing the meaning of these codes, it will be easier for you when repairing damage to the air conditioner.

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