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Frequent damage to the refrigerator

Frequent damage to the refrigerator - Some time ago We have explored the causes that make the refrigerator less cold and not even cold. So on this occasion we, the team from Pelita Teknik will discuss about the damages that often occur or to the refrigerator. Be it a refrigerator 1 (one) door or 2 (two) doors. Here is the review

Frequent damage to the refrigerator

1. Problems with electrical lines.

This problem occurs quite often, although the trivial breakage of the power cable definitely makes the refrigerator not turn on and obviously cannot produce cold. This is common in one-door and two-door refrigerators.

Usually the main culprits are rats. Not only power cables, rats also often gnaw smaller electrical cables. Mainly the kab-kabel that is located at the bottom of the refrigerator is precisely around the machine.

How is the prevention? The prevention method is to clean the back of the refrigerator frequently, and keep the surrounding area clean, so that it is not used as a rat's nest.

You can also put some camphor / camphor in between the room between the refrigerator and the wall, as a rat repellent, so that the rats do not approach, let alone nest in the refrigerator.

2. Leaked Freon

Freon leaks are more common in one-door refrigerators than two-door refrigerators. The main cause is due to the fault of the owner of the refrigerator himself.

The one-door refrigerator has not implemented an automatic defrosting system, so that if left unchecked, the ice flowers will accumulate and fill the space on the evaporator. To clean the flowers of frost, it must be done manually.

Well, this is where the mistakes that often occur lie. Ice flowers that accumulate long enough will become very hard ice cubes, so it takes a long time to melt them.

Refrigerator owners who don't know will pry the ice using sharp objects such as knives or screwdrivers. This means that it can speed up the process of cleaning ice flowers attached to the evaporator. 

Even though this behavior should not be done, there is even a warning in the form of a sticker on the refrigerator, it has also been written in the refrigerator use manual. In anticipation and prevention so that such behavior is not carried out.

By prying or stabbing ice on the evapoorator, it is very likely that the Freon circulation line on the evaporator is punctured and then causes leakage. And it is true that most Freon leaks in the 1-door refrigerator are more often due to evap being pierced by a knife or screwdriver, when cleaning ice on the refrigerator.

There is rarely a Freon leak in the lines or installation of the refrigerator. If it does occur, leaks in the installation line are the main culprits. An old refrigerator makes the pipes in the refrigerator rusty and porous which makes Freon leak.

It's different with a two-door refrigerator that has used automatic ice defrosting technology, so refrigerator owners don't have to bother defrosting manually. And freon leaks due to punctured evaps will not occur.

3. The Upper Door is Cold while the Lower Door is Not Cold

This damage often occurs in a 2-door refrigerator. The characteristic or sign is that on the frezer there are many piles of ice flowers even if they are severe, they can become ice cubes.

This is caused by damage to one or more of the components contained in the two-door refrigerator. That is, there is damage to the thermo defrost, thermo fuse, or defrost heater. For the defrost heater function, you can click the following link Fingsu Defros Heater.

Damage can also occur to the Defrost timer of the refrigerator so that during the cooling process and cannot move to the process of defrosting ice flowers.

Stacked ice flowers close the airways that go to the bottom or side of the refrigerator. So that the lower room of the refrigerator is not cold.

4. Damage to overload and Relay

Overload and Relay are located attached to the refrigerator compressor machine. If there is damage to the two components, the refrigerator or compressor engine will turn off. Damage to overload or relays is more often due to old age factors, or occurs in refrigerators that have been used for a long time.

The damage can be rusty, broken or too sensitive to hot temperatures, so even if the refrigerator machine is not over heating, the overload will cut off the electric current flowing on the commopresor. And caused the commodore to die.

To fix this you just need to replace the two components.

5. Fan Motor Damage

There are two fan motors or fans in the refrigerator, namely the fan to circulate cold air located on the refrigerator evaporator and the fan motor located on the refrigerator machine whose function is to discard or circulate the temperature of the heat in the refrigerator compressor.

Then which one is damaged more often? According to the experience of our engineers, the compressor fan motor is more often damaged than the fan evaporator motor.

This happens because the position is outside, so the fan motor gets dirty faster. Dirt in the form of dust is often sucked in by the fan, then accumulates on the fan blades so that it makes the dynamo fan motor work heavier. Which results in the dynamo of the fan motor getting stuck or the dynamo fan spool being damaged.

So it is very important to clean and maintain cleanliness in the area around the refrigerator, especially at the back of the refrigerator. This can also be an anticipation so that the refrigerator machine is not used as a rat's nest.

Because in some cases fan damage in the refrigerator machine is caused by a broken cable due to rat bites. There is also damage caused by a damaged fan propeller caught in garbage carried by rats.

So once again do not forget to pay attention to the cleanliness of the area around the refrigerator.

6. Freon Clogged or Stuck

The cause is none other than dirt and other small particles that are inside the cooling system. This dirt and small particles arise due to the rotation of Freon, friction between Freon and this installation pipe results in corrosion which eventually causes small particles and is carried away by Freon when circulating.

Another factor can be due to the lubricant that has begun to thicken.

In the refrigerator there is a capillary pipe, the hole of this pipe is very small. Dirt and oil that are carried away by Freon will cause the capillary channel to become clogged and Freon cannot circulate.

The way to fix it is that the refrigerator must be flusing and divakaum, in order to remove dirt that inhibits the circulation of Freon.

7. Refrigerator machine or compressor is damaged

There are many factors that cause damage to the refrigerator compressor. Apart from the factor of service life, there are many other things that can cause the refrigerator machine to be damaged. One of them is clogged Freon.

The malfunction of the refrigerator compressor engine is not only dead, but it can also be due to a weak engine, or a stuck engine.

For the problems of this machine, we will discuss it in the next review.


In order not to make mistakes when repairing the refrigerator advice from us, to fix it is better for you to use or call a Refrigerator Service in your area.

Using refrigerator service services can also prevent errors in detecting damage to the refrigerator. Proper handling of damage will restore engine performance to optimal and get maximum results.

Thus, some of the damage that often occurs to the refrigerator. Hopefully this article is useful and can increase your knowledge about refrigerators and their problems.