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Getting to Know the Components in the Refrigerator

Getting to Know the Components in the Refrigerator - On this occasion we will write, various kinds of components contained in the refrigerator, be it a one-door refrigerator or a two-door refrigerator.
We will also explain a little about the functions of these components, because if they are described in detail one by one, it will be too long. For a detailed description of each component, we will discuss it in the next article.

ACFIRDAUS.com - The components contained in the one- and two-door refrigerators are broadly almost the same, although there are some parts in the two-door refrigerator that are not found in the 1-door refrigerator.

Later in this article, we will explain what components are not contained in the 1-door refrigerator. Let's start the discussion

1. Refrigerator Compressor

The compressor is part of the refrigerator that functions to circulate Freon. The round black shape is located on the back of the refrigerator. The compressor is arguably the heart of the refrigerator, because this device is what makes Freon flow or circulate and the refrigerator cools down.

2. Refrigerator Evaporator

The evaporator functions as a heat absorber, able to absorb heat from an object that is put into the refrigerator because of the cold produced. The evaporator is installed in the frezer, this tool or object is the one that mediates the cooler to then be able to cool the room in the refrigerator.

The evaporator is made of anti-rust metal materials, namely copper and aluminum.

3. Condenser Refrigerator

The condenser functions to convert refrigerant gas at high temperatures and pressures into liquid refrigerant. In the latest refrigerator models, the condenser is usually located inside the body, namely on the right and left sides.

While in the old model refrigerator, the condenser is usually placed attached to the back body of the refrigerator.

4. Refigerator Filter

The filter is a part of the refrigerator that filters dirt from freon gas flowing between pipe installations, this is so that the flowing Freon gas remains clean so that it is able to cool the refrigerator optimally.

Dirt in the form of small particles resulting from friction between the fteo gas and the pipe installation will be accommodated in the filter, so that it does not enter the capillary pipe.

Because if dirt or residue gets into the capillary pipe, it can cause freon circulation to clog or deadlock.

5. Refrigerator Accumulator

The function of the accumulator is as a temporary reservoir of low-temperature liquid Freon gas along with lubricating oil or compressor oil. Here the accumulator works to condition the form of freon gas so that it remains a gaseous form.

In addition to accommodating Freon gas, it also functions to prevent the entry of liquid refrigerant into the compressor where if it is compressed, it can damage compressor components, especially the reed valve.

6. Capillary Pipe Refrigerator

Capillaries are small pipes that are connected from the filter to the evaporator, the capillary pipe functions as a tool to lower pressure, change the shape from gas to liquid form and regulate the refrigerant liquid coming from the condenser pipe pipe.

6. Refrigerator Lubricating Oil or Oil

Lubricating oil or compressor oil in the refrigerator system is useful for lubricating compressor parts so that they do not wear out quickly due to friction. In addition, lubricating oil serves to dampen heat in compressor parts.

7. Refrigerator Refrigerant or Freon

Freon, also known as refrigerant, is a chemical compound used as a fluid to absorb heat from the air in a room so that the temperature in the room becomes lower. Processed into gaseous form. So it can be said that Freon is a substance that makes the refrigerator cold.

Electrical components

1. PCB Module or Mainboard

Pcb or what people usually call it a module is a component part that regulates the work of the refrigerator. It functions the same as a timer but is more complicated. Not all refrigerators are equipped with pcb modules, only for certain models. However, for new refrigerators, almost all types are equipped with modules, especially inverters.

2. Timer

As the name suggests, a timer is a working timer from the refrigerator. This tool serves to regulate the work of the refrigerator as a whole. Starting from the compressor life time until later the compressor turns off. The timer also sets the time when the heater works as a heater so that the no frost process can run as it should.

In the two-door refrigerator there are 2 jeis timers, namely timers 1-3 and timers 1-4. But the function is the same.

3. Heater

Defrost Heater is a tool that functions to help speed up the melting of ice flowers on a two-door refrigerator evaporator using a heating element.

The defrost heater works alternately with the compressor, the change of work is regulated by the timer, after the contact on the timer disconnects the flow of electricity entering the compressor, automatically electric current will flow to the defrost heater, the heating element will work, then the temperature around the evaporator will rise until all the ice flowers melt, the defrost heater will turn off after the defrost thermostat receives the hot temperature generated by the defrost heater.

There are 2 types of Defros Heaters, namely glass heaters located at the bottom of the evaporator and pipe hiters that stick along the evaporator pipe.

4. Thermo Defrost or Bimetal

Thermo defrost or commonly called bimetal is an automatic switch to activate the heater (heater) of the refrigerator at the time the timer shows to the process of defrosting.

Thermo defrost will be active (connected) when it is at cold temperatures below 13 degrees Celsius depending on the level of sensitivity of each thermo defrost.

Bimetal thermo defrost wrapped in thick plastic is generally boxy or round which serves to protect against cold temperatures to make it waterproof.

5. Thermostat

The refrigerator thermostat functions as a cold temperature control in the refrigerator. The way it works is by detecting cold temperatures so that if the cold temperature has reached the maximum limit, it will cut off the working system of the compressor engine. 

6. Protector Motor Overload

The overload function in the refrigerator is to function as an electric circuit breaker in the compressor if the heat in the compressor is excessive. Overheating can be generated due to high ampers. So that with an overload, it is hoped that it can prevent short circuits in electricity.

The location of this overload is attached directly to the compressor. Some are removable models and use sockets, some are planting models, which are directly planted on the compressor

7. PTC Relay

The PTC Roll Relay serves as a connecting coil of the compressor motor coil starting and running temporarily and helps to start the compressor. Rolling PTC relay also functions as a link between the start and run pins in the cold and as a capacitor in a hot state after the compressor works

8. Lights

Lamps are a light source located in the refrigerator, the same as types of lamps in general, lamps are lighting tools. In the refrigerator, the size of the lamp is quite small and of course with a small wattage as well.

9. Fan Motor

There are two fan motors or fans in the refrigerator, namely the fan to circulate cold air located on the refrigerator evaporator and the fan motor located on the refrigerator machine whose function is to discard or circulate the temperature of the heat in the refrigerator compressor.

10. Door Switch

The door switch on the refrigerator functions as a working connector for fans and lights, just like the switch this tool is useful as a breaker and connects the electricity to fans and lights. If pressed then the light will turn off and the fan turns on, working when we open and close the door.

Then what is the compound on the two-door refrigerator but there is no one-door refrigerator oad. These components are: 

  • Fan evaporator Motor
  • Compressor Fan Motor
  • Heater
  • Thermo Defros or Bimetal

Each component has its own function and works interconnected with each other. So that if there is damage to one of the components, it will definitely affect the refrigerator.

Those are the components contained in the refrigerator. Hopefully, it will be useful to you.